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Fertility Enhancing Points used in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Posted on May 1, 2013 by TH Tanaka

 Many acupuncture points have been used traditionally to treat infertility problems, enhance fertility, and prevent recurrent miscarriages.

Unlike the standardized acupuncture protocols used in clinical trials on infertility, traditionally trained acupuncturists use different acupuncture points depending on each patient’s exhibiting symptoms and constitutional patterns based on traditional diagnosis techniques.

It should be also noted that frequency of treatments is also different between a typical fertility protocol used in research and the one used in clinical acupuncture settings.  While the German IVF acupuncture protocol involves only 2 treatments, many Chinese acupuncture textbooks recommend daily or semi-daily treatments over months to treat underlying reproductive health conditions or imbalances.

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Common TCM diagnostic patterns and acupuncture points for infertility

Most patients manifest mixed patterns (combinations of 2 or 3, or more), the treatment, including the selection of acupoints needs to be modified accordingly                                                                                   

Infertility due to liver depression qi stagnation

SP6: Sanyinjiao

KI13: Qixue

KI14: Siman

GB34: Yanglingquan

LR3: Taichong

CV3: Zhongji

Liver Depression Infertility Acupuncture Points indicated on female acupuncture model


Infertility due to phlegm dampness blockage & stagnation

ST30: Qichong

ST40: Fenglong

SP6: Sanyinjiao

SP9: Yinlingquan

CV3: Zhongji

Plegm Dampness Infertility indicated on female acupuncture model


 Infertility due to blood vacuity

ST36: Zusanli

SP6: Sanyinjiao

SP9: Yinlingquan

CV6: Qihai

Blood Vacuity Infertility indicated on female acupuncture model


Infertility due to kidney vacuity

BL23: Shenshu

BL52: Zhishi

KI2: Rangu

KI13: Qixue

CV4: Guanyuan

CV6: Qihai


Infertility due to blood stasis

ST29: Guilai

SP6: Sanyinjiao

KI13: Qixue

CV3: Zhongji


Infertility due to uterine cold

GV4: Mingmen

CV2: Qugu

CV6: Qihai

CV7: Yinjiao

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