Nine Classical Needles

Nine Classical Acupuncture Needles

Nine types of needles are described in Lingshu (Miraculous Pivot) , namely, filiform needle, shear needle,round-pointed needle, spoon needle, lance needle,round-sharp needle, stiletto needle, long needle and big needle.


Nine Ancient Needles


Filiform Needle

A type of fine needle of varying length most commonly used in performing acupuncture at present

Shear Needle

A pricking instrument like an arrowhead with a sharp tip, the same as a chisel needle or sagital needle

Round-Pointed Needle

A cylindrical instrument with the shaft 1.6 cun long and an oval tip, used for massage on the body surface, the same as a rounded needle

Spoon Needle

An instrument with a thick shaft and a slightly sharp round tip used for pressing the meridians/channels


Lance Needle

Another name for three-edged needle, the same as a lancing needle

Round-Sharp Needle

A needle with thin shaft and a somewhat enlarged and sharp round tip, the same as a sharp round needle

Stiletto Needle


An instrument like a double-edged sword used for drainage of pus, the same as a sword needle

Long Needle


7 cun in length,used for deep puncture

Big Needle

A needle with a long and thick shaft and a somewhat round tip, the same as a large needle

 Current Acupuncture Needles